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The world is drying up, with the Arctic warming twice as fast than the global average and heat waves sweeping across America, Germany, Finland, Japan, China, Canada and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.


The ice in the Arctic is melting unprecedentedly fast as animals there are struggling to live.

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German astronaut Alexander Gerst posted on his Twitter with photos shot from the Space Station, indicating heat wave struck Portugal and the dried-out Europe is now brown.




China’s most populous and agriculturally important region, North China Plain, was suffering heat wave that leads to deadly consequences to both animals and plants.


New heat records were set in some places in America with temperature soaring up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


And there’s more…


It was devastating to see people and animals suffered from such extreme weather conditions. We must do something as every single one of us is affecting global warming with our personal carbon footprint. Some people have already been living a green life since a long time ago, and for those who haven’t, start now.


Below are a few tips that help us achieve for sustainable life.


1. Save energy. Turn off the lights and appliances when they are not in use. When you turn on the air conditioner, make sure the doors and windows are closed to keep consumption low. If possible, install energy-efficient appliances at home, such as ENERGY STAR appliances certified by the U.S. Department of Energy, solar pathway lights, LED light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. (Click here to see what Oak Leaf has to offer for a greener life)

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2. Conserve water. Water is scarce as a lot of people have little access to fresh water in the world. Besides, every drop of the tap water is transported, filtered and purified using fossil fuel. Start with turning off the tap right after you finish using water. Consider installing a dishwasher to save water. Take showers as quickly as possible and limit the amount of times of taking baths. Repair leaky tap to prevent water leakage. Collect used water to water your lawn.

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3. Produce less waste. Buy the proper amount of food you need. Reuse paper, bottles and utensils instead of disposing them. Buy reusable products in the first place. Copy and print on both sides of paper. Maintain and repair appliances instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.

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4. Classify waste before disposal. Waste conservation is a big part of living green. If recyclable items end up in landfill, it will take a lot of energy to process and decompose, adding extra burden to Mother Nature.

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5. Drive less. Emissions from cars, trains and plains are one of the biggest sources of air pollution which leads to global warming. Use public transportation instead of driving. If your destination is close enough, try riding a bike, which consumes no fuel and benefits your life at the same time. Replace old cars with electric cars if possible.

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6. Respect life. We all have a part to play in the ecosystem, including animals and plants. Plant trees and do not cut them. Try not to hunt animals or destroy their habitats. Help save the endanger animals by leaving the forest, wetlands and other places where wild animals make their homes in peace.

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Small acts like turning off the lights when you leave the house and reuse a piece of paper will make a difference sooner or later. So start now. Change your lifestyle and talk your family and friends into a greener life to save our Mother Nature.

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