Capture Life, Relive Memorable Moments

Life is wonderful and unique with moments of happiness, frustration, madness, peace and enlightenment intertwined. With moments rushing past us, it may take some effort to recall what happened five years ago or what you found interesting in your last journey home or abroad. Our memories may wane with time, and our life seems to slip through our fingers without leaving much traces. What we could do is to keep track of life with words or photos.


Capture Life

Keeping a diary is a great way to mark your life and keep it to yourself. If you like to share your life with friends, Facebook, Twitter and blog are wonderful ways to do it.


For those who aren’t a fan of writing, taking photos is the way to go. Since smartphones and cameras have made photography much easier than ever, it is convenient to snap a picture any time you think it is worth remembering.


Appreciate Life

Taking a snapshot in time not only secures a memory but helps you appreciate life more. When you see something attractive, part of your instinct tells you to own them in some way, and the most effortless way is to take photos of them. It gives you joy and excitement just to look at gorgeous things. By keeping photos of them, you have the opportunity to appreciate them every day. Plus, you may find intriguing details that you never noticed before.


Relive Memorable Moments

Photos dating back to several years ago may not be viewed for a long time. Print your “hidden” photos that normally stay on your phone, laptop or other electronic devices and put them on display to relive some of the most precious and joyous moments in your life.


Below are several amazing ways to make your memories come to life.


1. Photos on Wall: Create a photo wall by mounting photo frames with your favorite photos inserted. Turn them into pieces of art that liven up any room with ease.


2. Photos on Desk: By displaying photo on desk or shelf, you bring to life any treasured memory.


3. Photos on Fridge: Use magnetic collage photo frame to hold your printed photos and attach them to the accessible fridge door.


4. Photos on Rope: This is the simplest method to display your printed photos. Just attach the rope to two screws and use clothespins to attach your photos to the rope.

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5. Photos on Strings: Attach photos on strings along with other decorations. Apart from paper as the picture shows, you could also add some beads, flowers, leaves or even feathers to make it more attractive.

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6. Photos on String Lights: Similar to photos on a rope, attach your photos with clothespins to the wire and let them sparkle with the light.

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